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Our Mission

Help our clients bring new automotive products into this world, better and faster.

Our knowledge of combining Silicon Valley pace with quality assurance standards, while accelerating the time to market and improving the customer experience, is unique.

Provide the best consulting experience based on real industry expertise.

Our consultants have been in your shoes, they have mastered the ups and downs of real world, and have successfully launched many projects.

Offer easy and simple scalable options based on the real needs of the clients.

Our project duration ranges from an hour to several years, specifically tailored to the clients we work with.

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Florian Rohde

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Roxana Rohde

Our services


Industry expertise as a service. Guidance, assistance and leadership to support new projects or to improve existing projects or programs. Moderated workshops, interviews with teams and management, and technical documentation reviews are some of the methods we apply to drive our clients’ success.


Deriving engineering and process strategies from requirements management to test automation, change management, and more, all custom tailored to individual needs. iProcess provides guidance, examples, and the best practices to define and document what has to be done, by whom, with what and when, including tools, resources, and cost.

Effective gap assessments utilizing process models like Automotive SPICE®, ISO standards or internal requirements. Conducting targeted small group interviews, review of documentation, investigations on repositories, tools and other relevant areas to determine gaps in processes, product definition and execution.

Process Definition

Leading sessions and efforts to drill down into specific needs for process definition. Identifying stakeholders and owners of the processes, providing templates and driving definition and documentation. Inputs, outputs, description, roles and responsibilities are all elements of a good process definition.

Change and Configuration Management

Process definition, best practices and tool recommendations for efficient and successful product development. Custom workflow designs, guidance on states and transitions, help with roles and responsibilities as well as project integration and reporting.


Providing the basis for documenting strategies, approaches, tools and guidelines for individual projects or programs. Requirements specification, architecture and design, safety analyses, integration and validation strategies, management plans for requirements, project, functional safety, quality, change and configuration and more.

Root Cause Analysis

Investigating and applying methods to derive root causes for product or process issues. Workshops with cross-functional teams to identify root cause(s) for specific problems, define corrective actions and long term improvements to prevent problems from reoccurring.

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