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We cover topics like cybersecurity, functional safety, optimizations and software process improvements in the automotive industry.

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We share short videos on the best practices, guidance and insight for various areas, from code review to TARA (Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment), and more.

How to build a successful validation strategy for automotive systems

The only way to go from a prototype to a real product is via validation. It is essential to have a proper validation strategy defined to get you world changing idea off the ground!

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Learnings out of the first ASPICE cybersecurity assessment

ASPICE (automotive SPICE) for cybersecurity process assessment model has just been released and starts to become a part of ASPICE assessment. iProcess is sharing learnigs and tips out of these assessments.

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TOP 5 best practices for code reviews

Welcome to a new iProcess webcast. Today, I want to talk about code review. Here are my top 5 best practices for an effective code review.

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