Process Assess­ments

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A review of existing processes and practices.

It is a best practice for an organization to systematically identify, structure and optimize its organizational and development processes, tools and their application in projects and programs for consistency, value-added, completeness and relevance.

iProcess helps to declutter and to improve processes for over-processed established companies and to define lean processes for new projects and teams.

Why a process
assessment is useful.

Evaluating and assessing processes and their application in projects provides multiple benefits, such as:

Getting a better understanding

of the effort required to achieve compliance.

Determine accurate estimations

for the next steps in process improvements.

Familiarize the team

with assessment type of questions/ preparation for customers assessments or audits.

When should a process assessment be performed?

After some time of applying processes into projects and programs, they should be assessed. The amount of time depends on how complex the projects and programs are - could be anywhere from three months to one year. The goal of assessing the processes is to improve them and make them usable throughout the organization. No process definition is perfect from the first try, so getting the feedback from application in the projects and programs is beneficial.

How does a lean process in automotive look like?

What do I have to do?

It has to be immediately clear to anybody reading the process what are the steps/activities to be performed.

What are the inputs and outputs?

List or link the inputs needed for every step/activity and the resulting outputs.
Tip: If an output is not used anywhere else in the process or by any other process, does it have to be produced?

What is the scope and application?

Does the process apply to a specific type of project, team, location, industry etc.

Who is the process owner?

The person or group that can make changes to the process.

What are the responsibilities and authorities for performing the process?

RASIC chart for every step/activity defined in the process.

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